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Whitespace WordPress Templates

Whitespace is now open source!

After about a year of playing in the commercial WordPress theme market, we decided to turn Whitespace over to the open source community and focus our time Loudpixel’s core strengths—social analytics. Whitespace was a fun experiment and a great creative exercise, but as our company grows, it requires more of our time and focus. At this time, we’re going to keep the blog and podcast up as a resource and the Whitespace theme and Photoshop templates will find their way over to GitHub. Thank you to those that purchased the theme and took some time to be a part of our community.

About Whitespace

Whitespace started as a side project when photographer, Allie Siarto, went to her web designer husband, Jeff, to create a simple photography website to display her work and blog in one place. Once it was up, other photographers started asking whether Jeff could design integrated sites for them as well.

One Sunday morning over coffee, Allie and Jeff had an “aha!” moment—photographers have plenty of options for portfolio sites and plenty of other options for pretty blogs, but there is a lack of options for combining the two (especially non-flash portfolios that work on mobile devices). Enter Whitespace.

Get Whitespace

Currently, you can download the Whitespace theme and blog actions from GitHub: